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From relaxing days in the sun to thrilling afternoons of water sports, South Bay’s extraordinary line of pontoons has the power and versatility to do everything you love on the water. Constructed of premium materials and designed for optimal luxury, these pontoons are sure to outperform any other pontoon on the water. The market is saturated with pontoons from Premier, Bennington, Sweetwater, SanPan, Aqua Patio, and Bentley, but ONLY South Bay will set you apart from the rest in terms of quality, comfort, and luxury.

Ray Clepper is proud to be the only South Bay Pontoon dealer in Columbia, SC. Browse our fantastic selection below or stop by our store today to check them out for yourself. Not sure which pontoon is right for you? Our experienced staff is always here to help you find the best pontoon for your lifestyle. What are you waiting for – start your South Bay adventure today!

Popular Pontoon Questions:

What Size is Right for Me?

Deck length helps determine both the capacity and the types of water the pontoon is best for. Pontoons that measure up to 19’ long are good for calm bodies of water and seat up to 8; pontoons up to 22’ long are suited to lakes and rivers and accommodate 13; pontoons up to 27’ long are perfect for rough waters and can handle up to 15 people!


What Activities is it Good For?

Consider a large sun deck with a sound system if you’re into lounging, while boats with ample seating and storage are great for entertaining large groups of people. If you and your family like water sports and swimming, look for a pontoon that offers easy access into and out of the water. Pontoons are also perfect for fishing, with some models featuring integrated fishing chairs on the front deck in addition to locators and live wells.


What Features Do I Need?

In addition to the activity-specific features listed above, pontoon boats also offer plenty of ways to make excursions more enjoyable. From comfortable seating in marine-grade vinyl to enclosure tops, you’ll find a tons of convenient features that will enhance your day on the water. Some models even include plush carpeting, a toilet, changing room, sound systems, and generous storage space!

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