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To Schedule Winterization

P 803-781-3885
F 803-781-4820

Service Calls
$50 to $85 Depending on Distance

Pickup and Delivery
Customer to meet us at one of the following ramps:
Light house Marina, Agnew's Lake Service, Shealy's Landing, SCE&G Public ramp at Hilton, Lake Murray Dam or Jake's Landing.
$50 Each way
Note: Pickups and delivery prices from other locations are determined by additional time and personnel needed, call for quote.

Winter Storage
Covered (limited availability) per month $100
Uncovered per month $70
Unload & blocking fee for boats w/o trailers $50
Loading fee when boat is returned $50

Winterization Menu
Prices can vary on certain 4 Stroke O/B & sterndrives. Some of these engines require special oil, specific oil filters or may have high capacity crankcase or gearcase oil capacities. Prices do not include taxes, service calls or pickup & delivery charges.

Additional fees may apply if your boat needs winterization of water system, generator or holding tank. Note: All holding tanks must be empty.

Outboard Packages
Package # 1 Basic O/B winterization all models: $167
Treat fuel with stabilizer, fog motor or run winterization mix through motor, change gear lube, grease all fittings, inspect all fuel lines, primer bulb, inspect throttle, shift and steering cables and protect electrical connections with corrosion guard.

Package #2 Basic O/B winterization with annual service (4 Strokes only) $335-450
Basic winterization plus change oil and filter, replace fuel filter and water separating filter.

Sterndrive Packages
Package # 3 Basic winterization on all I/O motors: $225
Treat fuel with stabilizer, fog motor, drain water from cooling system or fill with biodegradable antifreeze, change gear lube, remove and clean reservoir.

Package #4 Basic Winterization I/O plus annual service 5.7liter & below:
W/Alpha drive $425-525
W/ Bravo drive $499-599
Basic winterization plus change oil and filter, replace water separating filter.

Package# 5 Full winterization on all I/O 5.7 liter & below:
W/Alpha drive $525
W/Bravo drive $599
Basic winterization w/annual service plus remove drive, inspect bellows, check engine alignment, grease gimbal bearing, u-joints and coupler spline.

Note: Big block engine winterization will be slightly higher due to additional fluids & filters.

Ray Clepper Boating Center will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur if contacted less than 7 days prior to the 1st sub 32degree temperature recorded.